Global Trade Group

Global Trade Holding Ltd. was established in 2015 locating its main office and headquarters in Hong Kong and placing its global offices in Guangzhou, Sichuan of China, Japan, and Eastern Europe. We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals.

We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners .

Supported our network, we are able to integrate all these functions with our fruitful experience. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market.

We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


  • Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.
  • Being market leaders and innovators in different product segments.
  • Providing quality products & reliable services and sourcing from reputed producers.
  • Becoming professional marketing partners for our suppliers and clients to meet the objectives of sales,
  • market information, and customer service.
  • Being the preferred supplier of our customers, with our products exceeding their quality requirements.
  • Giving timely information to the customers regarding trends of the market dynamics.

We are creating long term business relationships between producers and customers by using our expertise on the cultural aspects and language skills of the Bay area and Mainland China region. Thus, creating high quality  insights of the target markets and adding a genuine experience for our clients and we develop market analysis, market penetration strategies, advisory and consulting, services for companies within the internationalisation phase.


Global Trade Holding Ltd. focus is to foster growth and promote enduring business ties with its client. Customer responsiveness and commitment is the driving force in the quest for excellence. An effective supply chain manager - Right from sourcing supply of material at the door step of the customer in Organic and Natural Cosmetics, Organic and Bio Items, and Health Care Products.


Our portfolio covers a wide variety giving to our consumers products that will add value and differentiation. As our business scale and portfolio are growing fast, we have adopted a strategy of diversified product development to cover broader market. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign partners in order to secure the better development of all the items of consumption.

  1. Dental Hygiene Products
  2. Indoor Deodorization, Aroma Theraphy
  3. Laundry and home care
  4. Baby care
  5. Skin care, Body care
  6. Shampoo, Hairdye, Hair care
  7. Honey, Pollen, Amber
  8. Rose essential oil and related products
  9. Tea, Coffee


Market Research & Analysis
We help you to identify key factors for penetrating a new market and differentiating from competitors.

Product & Service localisation
We help you in the process of adapting your products and services to match the demand on the local markets.

Marketing localisation
Communicate the value of your products, brands and services to customers with a local twist.

Locating Distribution Channels
We locate the relevant channels for your products and services. This service might include supplier identification and sup

Sales & Business Development
We provide you with pre-sales, post- sales strategy and develop long term value for your organisation in the target mark

Business Advisory & Consultancy
We consider all the relevant aspects from your business model and we offer you a solid, strong and effective proposal

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